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Dried flowers: Lavender

Dried flowers: Lavender

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Bring a touch of natural beauty to your baptismal sugars with these beautifullavender sprigs. Do you long for the fresh scent and serene appearance of lavender? Then these aredried flowersperfect for you! With their enchanting purple color, they add a touch of natural elegance to yourbaptismal sugar packaging.

Make your baptism sugar presentation extra special by using the lavender sprigs to decorate your baptism sugar boxes. This gives your baptism sugar packaging a stunning wow effect and ensures a beautiful finish to your presentation.

Each package contains no less than 20 lavender sprigs, so you can get started right away creating an enchanting presentation for your special occasion.

Don't wait any longer and bring the natural beauty of lavender into your home. Decorate your baptism sugar packaging with these beautiful lavender sprigs and make your presentation an unforgettable and enchanting whole!

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