KNICKX balls from De Bock

made from pure Belgian chocolate and covered with a fine sugar layer

With KNICKX you can enjoy the ultimate chocolate experience.
The use of the best Belgian chocolate ensures a rich and intense taste that will seduce your taste buds. Each sweet is made with love, giving you a feeling of luxury and refinement with every bite.

The fine sugar coating that envelops the KNICKX adds a crispy texture to the delicious taste
With every bite you will experience the perfect combination of the silky chocolate and the delicious crunch of the sugar coating.

Whether you are a foodie or just want to enjoy a delicious snack, KNICKX is the ideal choice. Our chocolate sweets are perfect for all occasions, whether as a treat for yourself, a gift for a special person or as part of festive events.

Be enchanted by the pure Belgian chocolate, the fine sugar layer and the unique taste experience they offer. Treat yourself to the luxury and pampering you deserve!

With KNICKX you can also be creative. Add them to your favorite dessert recipes, decorate cakes and cupcakes or use them as a topping for ice cream and milkshakes. The possibilities are endless!