Soaps and Bath Salts for Communion

In 21 Colors and Delicious Scents

Soaps and bath salts as a communion thank you

Soaps with name

Oursoaps with nameare available in many shapes. There are plenty of fun onesfigure soapsbut for those who like it sleeker, there are also stylish onessoap bars. The soap is printed in intaglio (relief). Some soaps can only print 1 line, but most soaps have a maximum of 2 lines.

You can choose from all our soaps21 colors.

With most soaps you can also use onepackagingto order.

Soap with photo

For thesoap with photowe opted for therounded white soap. It is a large bar of soap with a pleasant Jasmine scent.

Bath salts in 21 colors

Also thebath saltscan in21 colorsbe ordered.

You can also choose filled onesmini bottles of bath saltsto order. Then all you have to do is fill the bottlepersonalizeimmediatelylabel,round stickerorvinyl decal.

Soap vermicelli

Soap vermicelliis soap in the form of vermicelli. To wash your hands, take a few pieces in your palm and wash.