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Blossombs ocher yellow - 10 pieces

Blossombs ocher yellow - 10 pieces

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Are you committed to nature and do you want to help it become more colorful? Then theOcher Blossomsperfect for you. With these natural flower bombs you can create the perfect paradise for all our buzzing friends; bees, bumblebees and butterflies.

The packaging can also contribute to a sustainable and natural experience. The Blossoms can be packaged in beautifulglass tubes,cloth bagsorcardboard boxes. This way it not only looks beautiful, but you also contribute to a better world.

The Blossoms are made from 100% natural ingredients and organic wild flower seeds.

Using the Blossoms is simple and effective. You can scatter the flower bombs everywhere and wait for a rain shower or water them yourself. After a few weeks, beautiful wildflowers will grow that not only the insects can enjoy, but you too. The sowing time for the Blossombs is from March to September. Do you throw them later in the season? No problem, because then they will just come out a little later.

The seed mix contains different types of flowers such as Phacelia, flax, yellow mustard, coriander, flax marsh, mallow, poppy, bolderik, cornflower, chamomile, Persian clover, incarnate clover and Alexandrian clover. This way you have flowers all season long with one Blossomb!

Order your Ocher Yellow Blossombs now - 10 pieces and contribute to a better world.


Diameter: about 18mm

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10 working days

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