Name and Figure for children's room

Hip and Trendy

Punctured names and figures to decorate the baby or children's room, as decoration for your baptismal sugar, or for an original maternity gift.

Punctuated names and figuresare very decorative for the baby or children's room

You choose the color of the name and/or figure yourself so that it fits perfectly with the colors of the room.

TIP:Thepunned nameis also nice to hang on the door of the room.

As a decoration for your baptism sugar

To complete the presentation of your baptism sugar, place onepunned namebee. You will probably find a color that matches it nicely.

Are you looking for an original maternity gift?

You can surprise every parent with a name to decorate the baby's room. Because every mother is looking for nice decorative objects to brighten up her baby's room. Success is assured with this maternity gift.