Texts for Your Birth Announcement

Nice texts and poems for your birth announcement

Are you looking for a nice text or poem for your birth announcement? We have collected a number of them for you. They are divided into different categories.

  • You were expected for months

    Our wish is now fulfilled

  • Almost too small to hold

    But too big for words

  • Once every so often

    dreams come true

  • So lucky,

    packed so small

  • Born

    to love forever

  • All our later is with you

  • Hooray, I did it!

    I was born on my birthday!

  • Our love

    got hands and feet

  • To the world you are so small,

    for us you are the world!

  • Love is the only thing

    which multiplies

    if you share it

  • Dreamed

    To behave


  • So sweet,

    so small,

    so from us,

    so completely you!

  • Big adventures start small

  • A dream became reality

    Reality a dream

  • The most beautiful thing you can become

    is yourself

  • Wallpapering the room

    the bed is already ready

    clothes neatly hung

    just in time

    our daughter is there!

  • Eyes like diamonds

    skin so soft.

    Tiny hands

    a mouth that smiles.

  • Feet that kicked

    Feet that walk later

    Feet stepping into the big world

    Feet that will stand firmly in life

  • Eyes like stars

    a very small person

    your thoughts still far away

    how happy we are

    to be your mom and dad.

  • You have two little hands

    give us one each

    then we will show you around,

    until you say:

    I can do it alone.

  • Who sees this little person

    doesn't believe his own eyes

    and will have to agree;

    You still create miracles together.

  • Short legs, mini toes

    Smiling mouth, pamper ass

    Welcome dear ukkepuk,

    You are our first masterpiece

  • Dad couldn't sleep, mom wasn't tired.

    It wasn't until many hours later that their eyes closed.

    Now 9 months later I have arrived,

    in response to their dreams.

  • At the ultrasound I had fun for ten,

    with clenched buttocks

    they couldn't see anything.

    But now everyone can know

    that I am a boy/girl

    and will be called (Name).

  • Our little kicker,

    no longer playing hide and seek...

  • Hooray, I did it!

    I was born on my birthday!

  • I assume mom is tired,

    but I also did my best

    and Dad has as far as I know

    sweated for at least the three of us.

  • Mom proud,

    Dad happy,

    Belly gone,

    And me there.

  • A little bit of both

    Oh what a fool I am!

    Mom and dad are so happy,

    because I am most like… me!

  • Mom is still mom

    Dad just stays dad

    But a whole new job awaits me

    Because I'm suddenly a big sister.

  • (Name) couldn't handle the mischief anymore

    Now he has a little brother to help him.

  • I have a brother/sister

    to share everything.

    You are a sweet little child

    and later we will play together.

  • It's a party with us

    because the stork has gone.

    And do you know what he brought?

    A sister/brother, I never expected that.

  • A kiss from daddy

    and a kiss from mom.

    But you'll get the biggest kiss from me,

    From now on you'll be part of it!

  • I look on my toes

    over the edge of the cradle,

    hello dear sister/brother,

    I think you're sweet.

  • The baby is born

    and everyone has a good time.

    But most of all, I

    because I remain the eldest.

  • Hello dear sister/brother, come along,

    I have a new room

    you get mine!

  • Laugh together,

    Play together,

    Sharing everything with you.

  • Eyes like stars

    a person so small

    your thoughts still far away.

    How happy I am

    to be your brother/sister.

  • I was alone for a long time

    with my mom and dad.

    I really liked that.

    But it gets even more fun,

    now that there are four of us!

  • 9 months are finally over,

    Now I have a little brother.

    He still has some growing to do,

    so that we can play together later.

  • Because my brother/sister can't talk yet,

    and I can't stop chattering,

    may I let you know

    that my brother/sister will be called (Name).

  • After 3 years of playing alone

    I started to get bored

    I quickly called the stork

    and ordered a sister/brother.

  • A sister/brother to play with,

    and share secrets.

    To laugh and play with,

    and grow up together.

  • Bicker together, play together.

    Take everything, share everything.

    It's all part of it,

    dear sister/brother of mine!

  • Feet that kicked

    Feet that walk later

    Feet stepping into the big world

    Feet that will stand firmly in life

  • Small clothes in the closet

    no size fits me.

    Only now do I know who they are for.

    We got a sister/brother, that's nice!

  • A hug here

    and a hug there.

    On your cheek, on your ear,

    on your neck, in your hair.

    No, wait a minute,

    I am not finished yet.

    I think you're so sweet,

    also a few on your nose.

  • Your hand in mine

    This way we go hand in hand

    As brothers/sisters they have a very strong bond.

    I'm a bit bigger now

    And you are still so small

    But I hope we stay forever

    Will be each other's friends.

  • Mama is full of joy

    because she has finally lost her belly.

    But our daddy is to be pitied

    because from now on there will be two of us to tease him.

  • Even though our date of birth is identical,

    as humans we are unique!

    Two children together forever

    and yet so very special

    With a place for everyone

    a place in our hearts

  • Every baby born

    brings love, peace and happiness

    and with this double portion

    the future cannot be broken anymore

  • Oh, how small they are.

    Twenty little cloves,

    they must be twins.

    From now on I will never be bored again,

    I even have two sisters to play with now.

  • Hooray, we're having a party!

    Because the stork has gone.

    And do you know what he brought?

    Twins, who would have thought?

  • Two pairs of hands

    Two pairs of feet

    Two beautiful faces

  • Double the trouble

    Twice the fun

    There are two babies

    instead of one...

  • Born together,

    best friends forever

  • Would you like to come and see our little girl?

    Please call first to arrange a suitable time!

  • Do you want to see my eyes shine?

    Please call to determine the date and time.

  • Would you like to call in advance?

    when you come to introduce yourself to (baby's name)?

  • To recover from burdens and pleasures,

    Mom and (name) are going to rest from 1 to 3.

  • Call, come and admire!

  • (Baby's name) likes to have visitors.

    Please call and we will look in the appointment book.

  • Counting fingers and toes?

    Then call first.

  • For a visit afterwards,

    please call in advance.

  • To visit our son.

    Please give me a call.

  • For the peace and quiet of the whole family

    We don't allow maternity visitors in there in the evening.

  • We like visitors,

    but can it be after a phone call?

  • Visit?

    Nice, but please call in advance.

  • Would you like to meet our little girl?

    Please call for a suitable time.

  • Do you want to see my eyes twinkle?

    Then let the phone ring first!

  • For the viewing of our little hero,

    We would appreciate it if you would just call.

  • A friendly request,

    Call for a visit.

  • I'm still recovering

    of my great birth adventure.

    I really enjoy visiting

    but please call after 4 p.m.

  • From now on we live in the rhythm of our little one.

    If you would like to visit us, please let us know first.

  • To visit our little one.

    Just give me a heads up.

  • Please call in advance

    so as not to disturb my sleep.

  • Admiration by appointment!

  • From now on we live in rhythm

    of our little one,

    Would you like to visit us,

    please let us know first!

  • Would you like to come and see our little boy?

    Please let us know first

    for the right moment!

  • Come?

    Fun, of course, always!

    But let us know,

    on what day and what time.

  • Well, with my arrival I turned mom and dad's lives upside down

    Dad runs up and down

    and mom feeds me again and again.

    In bed, out of bed and diapers flying around their ears.

    So let us hear from you before a visit.

  • Us little people

    already have their own wishes

    you can find them at (name of store birth list)

    or you can deliver them dry bills via the pampe account: (account number)

  • If you would like to surprise us with something nice,

    we hope it will fit in an envelope.

  • My sisters gave me all the nice things,

    would you rather fill my piggy bank?

  • Does the thought of a gift cross your mind?

    then put it in an envelope.

  • You don't have to dress me up in clothes,

    but you can fill my pamper account.

  • My crib is quickly becoming too small,

    I would be very happy with some money for my nursery!

  • A few cents as a gift without obligation…