Onze bedrukte zeepjes zijn RSPO gecertificeerd

Our printed soaps are RSPO certified

Soap granules as the basic raw material of our printed soaps

The basic raw material of our printed soaps is soap granules. These soap granules are made from vegetable palm oils and fats and ensure a high-quality end product.

The manufacturer of our soap granules is affiliated with RSPO. Our printed soaps are therefore RSPO certified.

Our printed soaps are RSPO certified

sustainable printed soaps

What is RSPO?

RSPO is the abbreviation of 'Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil'. It is an international non-profit organization that is committed to making palm oil cultivation worldwide more sustainable . They have drawn up criteria that companies must meet to receive the RSPO label. Below are some of the many criteria.

Criteria for sustainable soap

The cultivation of sustainable palm oil must not be at the expense of natural forests (deforestation) and must not harm the habitat of endangered animal species. Furthermore, requirements are imposed on the use of pesticides and there are requirements for wastewater management, energy and greenhouse gases.

On a social level, there are criteria for respecting the rights of workers and the local population. For example, there is a ban on forced labor, child labor and discrimination and the right to a minimum wage according to local standards.

As I said, these are just a few of the criteria. If you want to know more about it, you can visit https://www.rspo.org

What does an RSPO label stand for?

The label indicates that the palm oil in the product consists of 95% certified palm oil.

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