De betekenis van Meter en Peter

The meaning of Meter and Peter

Origin of the godmother and godfather

The word Peter comes from the Latin word Pater, which means father. Meter comes from the Latin Mater, meaning mother.

The use of a meter and choosing Peter comes from religion. During baptism, the godmother and godfather promise the parents to assist the child in religious education.

godmother and godfather during baptism

In the past, the child was baptized immediately after birth. The mother was usually still in childbirth and it was the godmother's job to hold the baby during the baptism ceremony.

It was tradition to first choose the baby's grandparents as godmother and godfather. The parents' brothers and sisters followed afterwards.

Evolution of the choice of godmother and godfather

Even though fewer and fewer children are being baptized, we maintain the tradition of godmother and godfather. Almost all birth announcements mention the proud godmother and proud godfather.

Because grandparents already have a close bond with their grandchildren, the task of godmother and godfather is now increasingly entrusted to the brothers and sisters. And often the choice is also good friends. Many consider it an honor to be chosen as godmother or godfather.

Godmother and godfather is more than a title

Nowadays godmothers and godfathers see their role as more than just a religious role. And by that we don't mean showering the child with presents. Godmothers and godfathers are more concerned about their godchildren. They go on fun trips together to the playground, amusement park, cinema, zoo or a day at the seaside. The child also regularly comes to stay with them for the weekend. This creates a close bond and they become a confidant for the child.

godmother and godfather have a close bond with the child

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