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Make your own baptism sugar boxes

Pregnant? Congratulations!

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and fun times in your life. You live for months towards the day of your baby's birth.

You have a lot to prepare for the arrival of your baby. Preparing the baby room, recording the birth list, choosing a birth announcement ,...

Selecting and finishing baptism sugar packaging

baptismal sugar packaging

One of the nicest preparations for the birth of your little miracle is choosing and preparing the baptismal sugar packages yourself.

We have selected many nice themes for you in our webshop. You will find the beautiful collection of baptismal sugar packaging from Buromac . And, for those looking for more exclusive baptism sugar , we have developed our own collection .

Everything is clearly grouped by theme so that you can easily bring different models together in the same theme. Each theme overview also includes the matching birth announcement.

How many sugar beans do I need?

The number of sugar beans you need to fill your boxes depends on the model. For each package you will find in our product description how many sugar beans we recommend per package. On average there are 16 sugar beans per baptismal sugar package. Of course you can also put in less, but don't overdo it. A large package that is not even half full gives a stingy impression.

There are 230 to 240 sugar beans in one kilo of sugar beans. So if you multiply the number of packages by the number of sugar beans, you can calculate exactly how much you need.

For the finishing touch

In addition to baptism sugar packaging and sugar beans, you often also need accessories such as ribbon, cord, self-adhesive bows , etc. You can find all of this here .

We are happy to help you with the preparations

After reading this blog, do you have any questions about choosing or making your baptism sugar? Do not hesitate to contact us . We are happy to help you.

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