In Finland slapen baby's al 80 jaar in een kartonnen doos

In Finland, babies have been sleeping in a cardboard box for 80 years

Bizarre or clever idea?

The idea originated in 1938. The mortality rate of babies was very high at that time. This was mainly due to the fact that there was a lot of poverty in Finland.

To reduce the mortality rate, the Finnish government decided to give new parents a box with the most essential products for the baby.

The box contained baby clothes, pampers, care products and a thermometer. In addition, the box could be used to put the baby to sleep. This meant that parents did not have to take their baby to bed and the risk of suffocation was prevented.

A successful concept

The baby box became a success. The mortality rate of babies fell drastically and the government still gives every new parent a baby box as a gift. The newborn mortality rate in Finland is now one of the lowest in the world.

In 2006, bottles and teats were left out of the carton to encourage breastfeeding. This also became a success.

Every baby has the right to an equal start

The aim is to give every Finnish baby an equal start. Mothers who do not want a box will receive a compensation of 140 euros. But 92% of expectant mothers honor the tradition and receive the baby box.

The Finns continue to put their babies to sleep in the gift box for the first few months. Initially because they are convinced that this is safer, but also because the babies sleep better in it.

In other countries too, babies sleep in a cardboard box

Non-Finns can also order a baby box. For example, babies all over the world are already sleeping in a cardboard box.

You can order the box from Finnish Baby Box . The box is of course not free for non-Finns. You can order them from 399 euros, but they are shipped worldwide for free.

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